In 2020 the Alberta Government changed the municipal election act to allow for longer nomination periods. I fully understand the comments around "launching without policies" but here's what I'll say: For a non-incumbent, this is a steep mountain to climb. Edmonton is a city of nearly 1 million people. Candidates need to be able to build name recognition, a team, and fundraise as much as they can for as long as they can. Hence launching early. 

This also isn't easy work. Meaningful and impactful policy takes time, and should be vetted by the people that it will most affect. In some cases, when it comes to homelessness for example, people’s lives are at risk. 

If we want diverse representation for our next city council, we need to give people a chance. A chance to submit nomination papers, open a bank account, build a website, build a team, listen and engage with voters, develop policy and then release it. 

Specific to the Mayoral race, let's remember this: the Mayor's seat is just one vote. What's more important than a grand vision or one specific project, is experience dealing with conflict and collaborating towards consensus. I believe the Mayor's vision needs to intersect with a number of different things like: the city plan, ward specific issues, both provincial and federal strategic initiatives and more. 

Here's what you can do while you're looking at potential candidates to support, volunteer for or donate to: look at their LinkedIn profile, read their "about" page, ask them questions like "how have you and do you give back to your community?" get to know the person

I've shared a lot about my history, my past, and I'm available to chat virtually anytime. Let’s shift our thinking here, #YEG. So far this is an incredibly diverse race and I’m happy to see that. Good things take time - and you should expect good things from your municipal representative.