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Local Roots

I was born to a single mother who left her parents' central Alberta tree farm to come to Edmonton to create a good life for the two of us.  A few years later, my Mom met and married my first stepdad, my younger brother was born and we grew up together in the Edmonton community of Beverly. I was proud that the Principal of my Elementary School was the former Mayor of our City (it’s now named Ivor Dent School). I learned to skate and play baseball at the Floden Community Park and I took swimming lessons at the ATC Centre in Rundle Park. I took three busses every morning to attend M.E. Lazerte High School. And, I waited tables at Smitty’s so that I could afford Jordache Jeans (I realize this dates me). Needless to say, I’m a proud northside girl at heart. 

Both of my stepdads had an impact on my life and their communities through their military service. My first stepdad was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his record number of hours flying dangerous routes over the Himalayas during WWII. My second Stepdad also served our country as a submariner in the Canadian Navy.  

My family includes my husband Geoff and our four adult children. Together we actively contribute to causes and issues that have directly impacted our family lives or will in the future including: mental health, education and environmental causes.

Change can’t be driven by one person...

Together we can build a future we can be proud of - a city that works for every Edmontonian!

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