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Leadership Lifts Up Others

My experience and assorted patchwork of opportunities that I’ve picked up along the way has given me a refreshingly unique leadership style. I learned to look out for the little guy (literally) while protecting my brother from bullies. I learned the importance of structure and discipline through my time as an Air Cadet leadership staffer and drill instructor. I learned many things the hard way at first and that taught me perseverance. I experienced that raising your hand when opportunities arise is the best way to learn.

I learned the importance of leading with a clear vision, building accountable high-performance cultures, and delivering sustainable results for your stakeholders. I learned that having deep customer intimacy and knowledge is critical in serving them well. Brad Smith was a key mentor for taking my leadership to the next level, building a personal leadership style focused on curiosity, humility, grit and compassion. These are the same principles that will guide me as a city leader in building partnerships, learning from the best, lifting people up and giving you a strong voice.

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