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Innovating Towards the Future

I built my career around innovation. I bring 20 years of experience in strategic business transformation, tech innovation, and small business enablement in both private and public sectors. This really began at IBM in the late 1990s. I managed their real estate assets through Y2K (which lasted a much shorter amount of time than the current crisis we are all facing today - COVID19). After that, tech giant Intuit recruited me to work collaboratively with many others – including the City – to build a ‘first of its kind in Edmonton’ Silicon Valley tech campus. I went on to be a part of the team leading Intuit’s global expansion working and learning from Eric Ries (Lean Startup) and General Stanley McCrystal (Agile Teams) in applying their practices. At the end of 15 years with Intuit I was faced with a decision to go to Silicon Valley or stay in Edmonton. I stayed (how could I not?). I joined the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and recognizing the need to catalyze our future economy, I founded Innovate Edmonton and co-founded Alberta Innovation Corridor

I understand how to make new ideas a reality and have experience working closely with the City to make that which may seem impossible happen - quickly.

I am currently a committee member of the Downtown Recovery Task Force, I serve as the Co-Chair, and one of three Canadians, on the Startup Genome Global Senior Policy Maker Forum. I’m also a mentor in the Threshold Impact Venture Mentor Program And, in the past, it was an honour to serve on the board of the Zebra Child Protection Centre and the Edmonton Arts Council. 





Change can’t be driven by one person...

Together we can build a future we can be proud of - a city that works for every Edmontonian!

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