City That Works

I truly believe in Edmonton. This city has the potential to be a place that people from all walks of life enthusiastically choose, just as I did years ago, to plant roots and grow — lives, families, careers and businesses — for years to come. I believe that my collaborative and optimistic “yes and…” mindset will keep our city moving forward and that momentum will give us the courage and conviction to challenge the status quo.

A City That Works has a number of different meanings, from the basics like being able to tap a phone or a card to ride transit, to the aspirational, a smart-city leading in innovation and technology.

A city can work for you, like easy commutes and 15 minute communities.

A city can work with you, like enabling our local small businesses to sell to our municipality.

A city can work functionally, like integrating our transportation systems and regionalizing our transit.

A city can work for all of us, like coming from a place of “yes”.

I want to learn more about what “A City That Works” means to you.

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