A Commitment to Chinatown

The Problem

Growing up, I remember Chinatown as a vibrant place, rich with cultural sights, bustling sidewalks and flourishing shops. I spent a great deal of time in the area with my father, who knew many of the local business owners. Sadly, today many of those individuals are no longer in business and Edmontonians don’t always feel comfortable visiting the area.

Many community members, organizations and associations have worked collaboratively to co-create the Chinatown Strategy: Energizing a Prosperous Future but the plan has not received the required support of Mayor and Council.

The Policy

As Mayor I commit to implementing the following actions taken directly from the existing Chinatown Strategy:

  1. Improve the Sense of Safety and Security: Strengthen safety and security in Chinatown to contribute to a strong sense of a vibrant and inclusive place.
  2. Focused Economic Development: Catalyze an environment for renewed interest and investment in downtown.
  3. Celebrate Chinatown as a Destination: Highlight Chinatown as an exciting destination that is treasured by residents and visitors.
  4. Enhance Built Forms and Landmarks: Leverage the buildings, landmarks and streetscapes of Chinatown.

The Outcome

Chinatown will be restored to a vibrant and welcoming destination in our city. The city will support the strategies led by community members, organizations and associations so that we can help ensure the future success of so many family-owned businesses. This will bring more Edmontonians back to experience this unique area and the sense of community and culture.