Core Beliefs


From my own viewpoint, these are some of my beliefs about our city’s current state that have guided my decision to run for office:

  • We need an agile city organization that places the needs of Edmontonians first
  • We need a better - more equitable - experience for all citizens, no matter who you are or where in the city you live
  • We need the stability which comes from collaborative and effective city governance
  • We need to lean-in to our made in Edmonton solutions,  technologies and innovation strengths to accelerate our economic recovery and growth
  • We need to do everything we can, within our power and means as a city, to enable a life of safety and dignity for our most vulnerable Edmontonians
  • We need to rebuild our partnership with the province, no matter which party is in charge, and keep partisan politics out of our city's leadership
  • We need to get creative about solving our greatest challenges, and that means fostering mutually beneficial relationships with private industry and non-profit agencies

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we need to do all of these things while firmly holding ourselves to a commitment of kindness, curiosity and to the golden rule.