Core Beliefs

I’m running to be the kind of mayor that asks important questions and never stops listening to Edmontonians like you. My core values of collaboration and accountability will guide our path forward.

From my own viewpoint, these are some of my beliefs about our city’s current state that have guided my decision to run for office:

  • We need a city that’s safe for all Edmontonians 
  • We need a proactive municipal government that responds quickly and gets things done
  • We need a better - more equitable - experience for all citizens, no matter who you are or where in the city you live
  • We need responsible financial management and stability for today and tomorrow
  • We need a city that champions made-in-Edmonton businesses and ideas, to create a thriving economy that helps everyone
  • We need to do everything within our power and means as a city, to enable a life of safety and dignity for our most vulnerable Edmontonians
  • We need to get creative about solving our greatest challenges, and that means fostering mutually beneficial relationships with private industry, non-profit agencies, and other orders of government 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we need to do all of these things while firmly holding ourselves to a commitment of kindness, curiosity, and to the golden rule