Enhancing Transparency in Public Agencies

The Problem

Public agencies, boards, and commissions (ABC’s), provide services to Edmontonians and communities in a diverse range of areas such as economic development, heritage preservation, regulatory oversight, and more.

Many of these organizations were established by City Council to perform or provide a public service. They’re accountable to you as taxpayers; you have a stake in those organizations. Currently, there is a lack of understanding and transparency in how taxpayer dollars are being spent by these organizations and the return on those investments. 

As public agencies, it’s also important that the make-up of these organizations represent the broad spectrum of diversity of Edmontonians. Oftentimes, Edmontonians aren’t aware of these opportunities to contribute and serve our city.

In an effort to continue to build our reputation as one of the most open and transparent municipal governments in North America, we need to continue to strengthen the transparency of these organizations.

The Policy

As Mayor, I will ensure our agencies, boards and commissions have transparent board recruitment processes, report on their expenses publicly and seek feedback from the Edmontonians they serve.

This will be accomplished through:

  1. The publishing of quarterly key performance indicators (KPI’s) that clearly communicate and demonstrate the outcomes of the taxpayer investments.
  2. Expenses will be published online and reported in accordance with the ABC’s reporting cadence (e.g. monthly board reports).
  3. Ensuring all ABC’s recruit publicly and inclusively for their board and board chair roles. Council needs to take a leadership role in ensuring constituents are aware of the opportunities to serve and City Communications needs to develop a strategy for marketing these opportunities to a wider and more diverse array of Edmontonians.

The Outcome

Edmonton continues to be recognized as a “Most Open City” for transparency in reporting, accessibility to municipal data and more. This expense policy for Agencies, Boards, and Commissions furthers our ability to lead in this area. Edmontonians have access to information about the accountabilities and deliverables of public agencies.