An Age Friendly and Accessible City

The Problem

We have not built a city that serves the needs of senior citizens or Edmontonians that have special needs.

There are approximately 113,000 people living in Edmonton that are 65 years and older. More and more are choosing to live out their lives in their home neighbourhoods but our current neighbourhood design and amenities do not serve their needs.

Most neighbourhood community programs and amenities are designed primarily for young families and the able bodied. And as a city we have only implemented the minimum standard of universal design principles and only in limited areas.

To compound the issue we have a large population of whom English is not their first language and as we shift more of our city communication methods to digital many Edmontonians are left unaware of the services available to them.

The Policy

As Mayor, I will work directly with community groups to build a city that works for all Edmontonians:

  1. Empower and enable the 157 community leagues in Edmonton to deliver fulsome and inclusive programming to serve the unique needs of their neighbourhoods.
  2. Appropriately fund and equip the Disabled Adult Transport Services (DATS) to serve current needs.
  3. Fund the expansion of transit services to outlying neighbourhoods and areas with high density seniors housing.
  4. Install accessible pedestrian signals on our mainstreet crossings
  5. Remove barriers preventing neighbourhood secondary and garden suite housing.
  6. Increase the level of standards of accessible design of public buildings and infrastructure projects.
  7. Assign city wide responsibility for expertise and advocacy of Seniors and Accessibility issues to a member of City Councillor.
  8. Work with local ethnic community groups to identify key city services requiring translation services such as 311.

The Outcome

An accessible city that serves all Edmontontians and allows them to live well in their communities.