We Do More When We Focus Our Expertise

As a municipal government, we have a clear mandate. Over the years, we’ve ventured outside of our role and expanded our work into areas that are better delivered by other orders of government, nonprofits and private industry. We are currently in 74 lines of business. When I speak to Edmontonians they agree all of this work is important but don’t believe it’s the job of city government to be the lead delivery agent.

It’s time to rethink the way our city works. As mayor, I will collaborate with Council, Administration, and all orders of government to do things differently. We can deliver more when we empower and support others to take the lead in their areas of expertise. In some cases, we need to work to repair and rebuild existing relationships with a true spirit of trust and collaboration. We can’t be afraid to acknowledge and change when something isn’t working.

It will take bold and courageous leadership, and I can make the difficult decisions for the greater good. Every step of the way, we will work together to do our best work to deliver more for Edmontonians.