Creating Collective Pride in our City

We are lucky to live in a great city — a city with incredible natural assets, like our river valley, a city with unique talents in both art and technology and a city that comes together to create incredible experiences like our festivals and events. Edmontonians are people who truly care, and are committed to community and helping one another.

Continuing to create a city we can all be proud of will be at the center of everything I do as your mayor. Our city leadership and administration will create great neighbourhoods with equitable services. We will build and maintain high quality infrastructure. We will repair and maintain clean sidewalks, streets and parks.

Beautification will be underpinned by accessibility and usability. The services that we deliver will be designed by those that use, experience and rely on them.

I will work with you — and for you. And I will bring the entire City organization with me. We will focus on the core services that directly impact your life today, through a value-for-money lens. We are, and will continue to be, a place of pride for all Edmontonians.