Creating Collective Pride in our City

We are lucky to live in a great city — a city with incredible natural assets, like our river valley, a city with unique talents in both art and technology, and a city that comes together to create incredible experiences, like our festivals and events. Edmontonians are people who truly care, and are committed to community and helping one another.

Continuing to create a city we can all be proud of will be at the center of everything I do as your mayor. Our city leadership and administration will create great neighbourhoods with equitable services. We will build and maintain high quality infrastructure, including repairing and maintaining clean sidewalks, streets, and parks.

Beautification will be underpinned by accessibility and usability. The services that we deliver will be designed by those that use, experience and rely on them.

I will work with you — and for you. And I will bring the entire City organization with me. We will focus on the core services that directly impact your life today, through a value-for-money lens. We are and will continue to be, a place of pride for all Edmontonians. Here’s how we’ll get there:

  • We will ensure our most vulnerable Edmontonians have their Basic Needs met and are able to live a life of dignity.

  • We will create a world class city by learning from the work of other cities that have gone before us. The newly created Chief Accountability Officer will ensure the work of our city is focused and in line with our mandate while identifying leading practices from around the globe.

  • A safe and welcoming city for all Edmontonians will be achieved by applying the UN Women practices of creating a Safe City for Women and Girls. By doing so we will build a city that’s safe for everyone.

  • Our Central Business Neighbourhood downtown will be a vibrant, thriving business district and cultural focal point in the heart of our city, one that Edmontonians are proud to visit and host guests in.

  • We will restore our Chinatown as a place of historical and cultural pride - a destination of choice for residents and visitors. 

  • Homecoming for Edmonton expatriates. We need to build our capacity for change by bringing home some of our best and brightest who have relocated due to different opportunities. I’d propose a yearly two to three day brainstorming session to:
    • Gain insight into why they left and what it would take to have them come back
    • Evaluate what other cities globally are doing and why it’s attractive