The Startup City That Creates Our Future Economy

Edmonton has huge potential. More than 90 percent of our businesses are small and medium enterprises. They have the ingenuity and agility to solve problems in new ways and they are the job creators of our region.

We are an academic powerhouse and create the world’s best talent. We have a wealth of globally-leading post-secondary institutions that nearly 10 percent of our population is taking advantage of to ready themselves to fill the jobs of the future.

Unlocking our potential for today and future generations will take smart, deliberate decisions. As mayor, I will catalyze and help our city leverage data and innovative technology to do things better— to create an Edmonton that works and moves forward faster. We are a city of starters and learners and together, we can ignite our future economy.

Getting there will take strong relationships and partnerships with our business community, post-secondary institutions and our regional economic development partners. We are a city worth investing in.