Principles Based Decision Making

This year, in support of International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge, I invited three women I highly respect to have a conversation about driving impactful and sustainable change. Throughout our lively and interesting discussion (which you can watch here) we kept returning to the idea that change leadership is situational and that there is not one right way to do it. 

I believe the same can be said for decisions. Principles based decision making is a leadership practice that I’ve adopted and employed successfully in all of my past work experience. 

The basis of the practice is first establishing clear boundaries, defining the environment or ‘arena’ in which a decision will be examined. Next is identifying the filters that will be applied, how external and situational factors will be considered, and how a good or bad decision will be determined. This methodology allows judgment to be applied so that you can come to a decision using context, evidence, experience, and facts. Principles based decision making is sophisticated in that it moves away from our usual reliance on rules that don’t always fit in complex or nuanced situations. Clear principles help you to examine choices, options, and tradeoffs.     

It’s this practice that will drive purpose-driven change within the dynamic and complex environment of Edmonton and our municipal government. 

Since October of 2020, I’ve engaged in hundreds of conversations with Edmontonians. I have taken what I heard from those conversations and created five principles that I will use to guide all future campaign policy decisions: 

Innovation that Matters

We think outside of how things have always been done. We leverage our strengths in technology to find new and better ways to create a city that works for today and builds for tomorrow.

A Stable Foundation

Big cities have strong economies. If our businesses do not succeed, our city will not. We will put in place the building blocks and systems to ensure that every action we take today will have the sustainability and future prosperity of our communities and environment in mind. With smart, prudent decisions, we will leave our city better than we found it

Informed Decisions 

We trust experts, evidence, and data to help us form practical solutions that can be implemented and measured transparently. We will rely on the lived experiences of Edmontonians to define the success of these solutions -- and will adjust when it makes sense.

Pride in Placemaking

We are all city builders. We will put an emphasis on planning, designing, and maintaining a city that enables everyone to be happier and healthier while feeling connected and invested. We will build a city that cares about the small things that make a big difference in the lives of all Edmontonians.

Collaborative Partnerships

When we, government, private sector, and non-profit agencies, all work together we are able to take on bigger challenges and deliver greater impact -- efficiently and effectively. 

With these foundations set, I am confident that together we can create a strong future for all. I look forward to sharing more of my platform as it continues to take shape.


Yours in continued collaboration,

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