Smart Construction

The Problem

While construction and road maintenance is necessary and a positive indicator that our city is continuing to grow and evolve, it creates a very real challenge for Edmontonians and business owners. Today as you travel around our city so many of our pathways are interrupted with some sort of closure or detour.  

These closures and detours are made even more tricky because there is no clear communication of the benefit of the construction: what’s happening and how is it making our city better?  

There is also no indication of how long the construction will take: What are the key project timelines? How long can I expect to have to experience this inconvenience?  

We need to do a better job of managing the community impacts before, during and after construction. We need clear principles around smaller areas of work, rapid completion and reduced impact because our city doesn’t stop moving, even when we have major roadways and pathways under construction.  

The Policy:

As Mayor, I will commit to reducing the day-to-day community impact of our construction projects and prioritize local benefit. 

  • Construction projects impacting major roadways will have:
    • Accelerated timelines and management – 6 day a week construction and extended work hours when possible
    • Minimized construction zones that limit the area that is blocked off or closed
    • Smart detour planning with effective wayfinding to ensure the least impact on traffic flow and pedestrian pathways
    • Signage that clearly communicates the benefit of the work, how much it costs and the committed timeline for completion
  • Service level commitments to residents and business owners that promise no more than a 30 day impact to entrances and customer access
    • Construction impact grants made available to businesses that experience a reduction in their revenues due to construction impact beyond 30 days 
  • Incentivize procurement of materials and supplies from local manufacturers in order to:
    • Reduce the environmental impact of overseas shipping 
    • Contribute to the Edmonton economy and create jobs 
    • Allow for a social lens and focus on employing Edmontonains from marginalized communities

The Outcome: 

A well connected city with effective multi-modal transportation systems. A well maintained and beautiful city. Residents have positive perceptions of the city of Edmonton’s ability to manage construction projects. A city that is committed to the success of its local economy.